Vector POP Art – Standard Oil – Eugenic Energy – Racist Murderers – National Guard – Police State – USA Land of the Fee – Minority Oppression – White Supremacy – Civil Rights Movement – Vector Illustration gfkDSGN

Police Crimes

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The history of police brutality in the “Land of the Free” is close related with Slave control. As a matter of fact, US police was invented in the first place to protect former slave holders and scared white man like Fascist Lemming. That’s why white men buy so many firearms and why the NRA exists.

All those other human and civil rights violations by cops aren’t on a public list since the pages could fill a library. This goes back to the birth of the United States of America and beyond British eugenics. They are history — with unacceptable updates on a daily base. That’s why we created an iconic vector graphic to support BLACK LIVES MATTER protesters and share it as

Free Download

The Vector graphic is available free of charge with a creative commons CC-BY-NC-SA license.

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