Comic Sans – Original Font Design 1950 – MS Copyright Violation – Jan Tschichold – SVG Illustration by gfkDSGN

Comic Sans

Computer Technology, Debunked, Inventions

The problems with Comic Sans are serious, vicious, hilarious and…

There is much more controversy than just the claim of Microsoft to retain in its collection the original Mac computer on which Comic Sans was created. The “designer” said that Microsoft is not correct as the computer in their collection was his older personal computer.

The typeface’s widespread use, often in situations for which it was not intended, has been the subject of criticism and mockery. 2012, the Verzoening World War 2 memorial was revealed on which the names of Jewish, Allied and German military deaths alike were written alongside each other in Comic Sans. That’s why there is a manifesto dedicated on the ban of Comic Sans.

A defence of Comic Sans is a funny video, but the Vsauce host Michael is sooo wrong about the origin of the typeface. In his defence – he simply fell for the lies of Micro$oft and their “typography engineer”…

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