eXtreme Sports

Here we publish our editorial and advertising illustrations of Skateboarders, Surfers, Longboard Skaters, Skydivers… all kind of Sports Illustrated and some equipment as well.

Chuck Norris, Pat MacGee, John Lennon, Leo & Yojani are some of the Skateboarders we created as POP Art Vector Illustration. You could discover our Tribute Artwork for Victor Earhart at the entrance of Sector9 and in a few Skateboard Magazines like Concrete Wave Mag, Stoked Mag or SkateSlate. and it was shared by several hundreds of fb’ing Longboarders when Victor left us.

Victor, John and Chuck

We have more skateboarding celebrities than this. Subscribe our Newsletter and get notified when we publish new works.

Board Sport Art Yard

100 Ways to get Stoked

might be a nice title for our Sports illustrated portfolio here, but we haven’t recovered all of our vectors yet. Many Artworks are still contained on old BackUp CDs and will be added later. Much later, since we are actually focused on some fresh, new pieces. Subscribe to our RSS / Newsletter and stay tuned about our latest Sports Illustrations right below.


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