Glossy Lipstick – POP Art – Vector Design – Beauty Queen – DIY graphics – Screenshot Inkscape – SVG Illustration by gfkDSGN

Inkscape Vector Illustrations

Inkscape is one of the best software tools to create professional vector graphics in 2020. You can use Inkscape to design amazing logos, to create cartoon characters & editorial illustrations, vector constructions for product design, fashion, page layouts, movie posters, magazine & book covers, websites, videos, and so much more.

Advanced Vector technology makes Inkscape handle fancy Bézier curves and Mesh gradients as good as possible. It’s based on SVG aka Scalable Vector Graphics, not proprietary standards like Adobe Flash or Adobe Postscript. That’s a small difference with huge effects, but why? See yourself how it looks like for Adobe Illustrator and competitors in the creative software business. Discover here what makes FOSS Apps so Free, and Inkscape vectors so popular, so fresh and appealing.

Metropolis – Science Fiction Cinema Movie – Fritz Lang – UFA – Inkscape – SVG – Vector Portrait – POP Art Poster Illustration by gfkDSGN

The steam-punk girl vector portrait isn’t just inspired by the cinema film Metropolis, she is the poster girl for the legendary movie. Today the plots of Science-Fiction movies like the Circle, Cloud Atlas, District 9, Matrix, Gattaca, Terminator, Soilent Green, … They are all based on social economic conflicts, and that’s what Metropolis came up with. The illustration is our tribute to Fritz Lang’s masterpiece and we used Inkscape to recreate his iconic Maria clone & Man-Machine in digital vectors. A century after the premier of Metropolis and after the beta-test reported bugs been fixed, Inkscape V1.0 was released first of May 2020.

We are loving it! We’ve got a lot work done with Aldus Freehand and Adobe Illustrator, tested Corel Draw, Affinity Designer, Xara,… but unlike Inkscape they share the same problem: commercial interest & copyright protection.
The artworks for this blog could have been created in Illustrator like we did before, but that wasn’t the point that we want to make and no challenge for US. So, we picked the Free alternative with the most potential: Inkscape. As you can see in our screenshots over here, we tested Inkscape hard, on a daily base, for quite a while now. It’s an underestimated power-tool in our opinion and we used it to create quite a few iconic illustrations that ended up on Google Page 1 and being published worldwide. Over the last years we’ve build our own experience, enhanced processes, custom extensions, and we created a portfolio of several galleries containing hundreds of illustrations and portraits. That’s all based on a little creativity, SVG & Inkscape — and the best thing is:

Inkscape isn’t just free of subscription plans where Adobe customers only rent licenses — it’s not even selling you an EULA license like Serif, Autodesk and Corel do.

Advanced Vector Graphics – metaballs – SVG filter – splitview screenshot – Inkscape Dark Theme – Illustration – gfkdsgn

Inkscape is Free Software aka Open-Source and comes as GNU/GPL App with a free license for everybody regardless of heritage, faith, language, or wealth. Offering progressive tools like canvas flip & rotation, mesh gradients, brush strokes, meta balls, advanced SVG filters for photographic grain, particle clones or paint effects, live path effects and progressive edit modes, is a strong signal for the entire creative industry. The Freedom Inkscape provides for Artists is nothing to compete with for Adobe and their Copyright protected Propaganda tools.

The first versions for Mac OSX relied on the XQuartz environment and was only “stable like Adobe Premiere”, but that’s history — at least for Inkscape. Since Version 1.0 is available Inkscape comes native for all Digital Artists on Apple OS-X, MS Windows and of course Linux systems. Unfortunately, a few software repositories like the allegedly open-source friendly Microsoft Store haven’t seen updates for months and so MS keeps spreading 0.9x Inkscape versions along with old reviews. That’s bad, but Microsoft could charge twice the prize of Serif like they did with Affinity Designer! The entire Micro$oft universe is made up with “magic” “creations” like MS DOS, MS Windows, MS Comic Sans and tools to trace bitmap graphics with center-line option for over 200 buck$. Since their html code & SEO keywords are public we can read their click-bait & frienemy intentions, but no IT magazine covered their strategies so far. Those IT publishers created editorial (s)hit pieces to protect their ad(obe)-revenue based bizz like PC Mag. We’ve seen old screenshots and bad reviews at MacUpDate. Somehow, it’s ok for CNET to have a five year old, outdated CNET review published while the version number and download-links are fresh. The available Inkscape reviews & version at Linux Uprising, filehorse, The Register and Design Your Way are much better, but we suggest to read TheNewStack and Libre Graphics World posts for further information.

Well, Inkscape isn’t perfect in every aspect of existence, but so are humans. It’s the most beautiful CoViD baby so far. As a surprise for most adobe-dependent Artists, Inkscape 1.0 comes with progressive editing modes like X-ray and Split View. Somehow, even WordPress supports this function already in your browser, while it’s still missed by millions of Artists. That’s something to get used to for Adobe Illustrator users, but Inkscape got them covered.

Inkscape Split View Mode

POP Art Portrait – Vector Illustration – IT girl – SVG Shock Therapy – Inkscape V1.0 – FOSS Screenshot – Illu by gfkDSGNPop Art – Illustrator Alternative – Shock Therapy – Vector Outlines – Inkscape Illustration by gfkDSGN

“learning Inkscape was easy and worth every minute.”

— Vector Hugo

Adobe Illustrator fanboys will focus their critics on the CMYK differences since the Inkscape UI theme options are wide open and Adobe affiliates appreciate competition much like the Queen was amused by Andrews BBC interview. Version 1.0.1 introduced an color-managed Scribus PDF export extension that is still experimental, but another small step for mankind. However, 1984 is long over and it’s not that much communication design that makes it to print in 2020. Seriously, ask David Carson! Professional printers use spectral photometers to make sure your colours are optimal – a colour separation is no challenge for them. While progress isn’t a thing picky designers could stop, the amazing and driven Inkscape developers will catch up soon with Adobe Illustrator, much like the title fight against their flagship product Adobe Photoshop versus Krita.

Advanced SVG Vector Effects – Procedural Photo-Grain – visual FX – Inkscape Extension – X-ray – Rainbow Illustration by gfkDSGN

That’s bad news for fanboys and Adobe, but will help so called third world countries to have the same access on creative tools, and it will reshape our creative world towards less racism via peaceful and non-commercial interrests. We would love to see that change, and accept the Adobe empire going down the road of Commodore. It’s predictable already and much like what happened to Autodesk Maya & Maxon Cinema4D’s 3D world domination when blender turned it upside-down.

We’ve seen blue & red giants burning out and bets are on Adobe now, but we can’t predict how this corporate animal will fight against extinction. However, additional Free Software tools offer more functions and bundled in a creative suite – Inkscape becomes even more powerful. However, designers aren’t progressive as the image they paint about them self. Less than 200 views is a sign of the mentioned ultra-slowmo adoption — that’s still an opportunity for odd artists like US to stand out, even when the video was published back in 2012. Our POP Art portraits are made with popular reference material, Inkscape, and a few vector skills that we can teach you. Join our newsletter if you haven’t yet, or watch out for Up-Dates in our tutorial category

Vector Portrait Illustrations

Limits of Perception
While Andy Warhol and his Factory been limited in production capacities by square feet — Digital Artists need to deal with other bottlenecks. A common 4GB micro SD-card could store over 16 million complex vector files, so digital storage is another dimension, but data security and proprietary file-formats are topics of their own. You could learn more about Andy Warhol’s lost and recovered digital Artworks, browse our POP Art Gallery for inspiration, or start to create Your own world of popular

Fine Art Works

Unlike Adobe Illustrator
The Inkscape application and community encourages YOUsers to be creative and draw freely without subscription plans and digital restriction management. This amazing Illustrator alternative isn’t perfect yet, but your outlines can already have gradients and the developers are working as hard as they can to fix the rest like they did with the V1.0.1 release.

Vector Portrait Illustration – Birth of Venus – Retro POP – Adobe Illustrator – Apple Macintosh – Splashscreen – Inkscape vectors by gfkDSGN

Our senior creative director started with Adobe Illustrator 3.0 and even he prefers Inkscape already. On the other hand, most professional Artists are still following Adobe propaganda and commercial influencers who promote Inkscape as limited on “clipart production”. That’s of course wrong and may be based on their lack of imagination and skills, but the progress of FOSS during the decade of 2020 won’t stop for them. We can see the winter coming for Adobe and ip-software-based artists like Jazza.

There are amazing talented artists coming up from India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Nigeria, Turkey, Brazil and many other countries. That’s a freedom Adobe is interested in to keep as low as possible, but thanks to Inkscape all artists can draw freely.

Real power users never been limited by Adobe, Affinity, Autodesk, Aldus, Maxon, Quark or Corel licenses in our opinion. Joseph Cristina is one of them and you can watch his vector design tool comparison video right here. Another free, independent designer and media producer is Mike Davies and you could watch his Top5 Inkscape features. The Inkscape portraits of CISMI are a challenge for most Adobe Illustrator users, and eySventura creates amazing cartoon characters with Inkscape. Nick on the other hand makes logos and has a few interesting videos about the great tools of

Inkscape 1.0.1

Layout Page Designs

Fine Pop-Art – Vector Illustration – Gallery CGI – Inkscape Colorwheel – Split-View Screenshot – SVG Artist Vernissage – Light Systems – Fine Art – Vector Vernissage – Art Expo – Framework Illu by gfkDSGN

With Inkscape you can design your own advertising like Joseph Cristina did for his photo products. You can create illustrations for book & magazine covers, or kern the hell out of that special font if you’re a Typographer. You can design and publish posters, brochures, folders, flyers, and equipped with a tool like that — it’s up to you now. The community is small and cozy compared with Illustrator, but it’s a tolerant and open one even on Facebook.

The quality is stunning and sometimes photo-realistic like in the gallery scene-shot above. Even when each sheet of blank paper is an invitation for creativity, the art world don’t appreciate creativity as a happening. So, why not try to free your mind today and start to draw freely?

With Inkscape You can create easy and simple new elements for blogs or online magazines. You can draw freely, use several bezier and curve tools to design professional artworks with advanced edit modes like Split-View and X-ray. Whatever you come up with can look amazing like near photo realistic (npr) product visualizations, concept Art, advertising, Pop Art, …and so much more. Here are just a few samples, but if you’d like to discover more – our Product Illustration Gallery is packed and waiting for traffic.

Product Illustrations

Inkscape Developers

Large banner says Support the Inkscape Team, Donate

Maximilian Albert, Joshua A. Andler, Tavmjong Bah, Pierre Barbry-Blot, Jean-François Barraud, Campbell Barton, Bill Baxter, John Beard, John Bintz, Arpad Biro, Nicholas Bishop, Joshua L. Blocher, Hanno Böck, Tomasz Boczkowski, Henrik Bohre, Boldewyn, Daniel Borgmann, Bastien Bouclet, Hans Breuer, Gustav Broberg, Christopher Brown, Marcus Brubaker, Luca Bruno, Nicu Buculei, Bulia Byak, Pierre Caclin, Ian Caldwell, Gail Carmichael, Ed Catmur, Chema Celorio, Jabiertxo Arraiza Cenoz, Johan Ceuppens, Zbigniew Chyla, Alexander Clausen, John Cliff, Kees Cook, Ben Cromwell, Robert Crosbie, Jon Cruz, Aurélie De-Cooman, Milosz Derezynski, Daniel Díaz, Bruno Dilly, Larry Doolittle, Nicolas Dufour, Tim Dwyer, Maxim V. Dziumanenko, Johan Engelen, Miklos Erdelyi, Ulf Erikson, Noé Falzon, Frank Felfe, Andrew Fitzsimon, Edward Flick, Marcin Floryan, Ben Fowler, Fred, Cedric Gemy, Steren Giannini, Olivier Gondouin, Ted Gould, Toine de Greef, Michael Grosberg, Kris De Gussem, Bryce Harrington, Dale Harvey, Aurélio Adnauer Heckert, Carl Hetherington, Jos Hirth, Hannes Hochreiner, Thomas Holder, Joel Holdsworth, Christoffer Holmstedt, Alan Horkan, Karl Ove Hufthammer, Richard Hughes, Nathan Hurst, inductiveload, Thomas Ingham, Jean-Olivier Irisson, Bob Jamison, Ted Janeczko, jEsuSdA, Fernando Lucchesi Bastos Jurema, Lauris Kaplinski, Lynn Kerby, Niko Kiirala, James Kilfiger, Nikita Kitaev, Jason Kivlighn, Adrian Knoth, Krzysztof Kosiński, Petr Kovar, Benoît Lavorata, Alex Leone, Julien Leray, Raph Levien, Diederik van Lierop, Nicklas Lindgren, Vitaly Lipatov, Ivan Louette, Pierre-Antoine Marc, Aurel-Aimé Marmion, Colin Marquardt, Craig Marshall, Ivan Masár, Dmitry G. Mastrukov, David Mathog, Matiphas, Michael Meeks, Federico Mena, MenTaLguY, Aubanel Monnier, Vincent Montagne, Tim Mooney, Derek P. Moore, Chris Morgan, Peter Moulder, Jörg Müller, Yukihiro Nakai, Victor Navez, Christian Neumair, Nick, Andreas Nilsson, Mitsuru Oka, Vinícius dos Santos Oliveira, Martin Owens, Alvin Penner, Matthew Petroff, Jon Phillips, Zdenko Podobny, Alexandre Prokoudine, Jean-René Reinhard, Alexey Remizov, Frederic Rodrigo, Hugo Rodrigues, Juarez Rudsatz, Xavier Conde Rueda, Felipe Corrêa da Silva Sanches, Christian Schaller, Marco Scholten, Tom von Schwerdtner, Danilo Šegan, Abhishek Sharma, Shivaken, Michael Sloan, John Smith, Boštjan Špetič, Aaron Spike, Kaushik Sridharan, Ralf Stephan, Dariusz Stojek, Martin Sucha, ~suv, Pat Suwalski, Adib Taraben, Hugh Tebby, Jonas Termeau, David Turner, Andre Twupack, Aleksandar Urošević, Alex Valavanis, Joakim Verona, Lucas Vieites, Daniel Wagenaar, Liam P. White, Sebastian Wüst, Michael Wybrow, Gellule Xg, Daniel Yacob, Masatake Yamato, David Yip…

Thank You for this amazing application. Thank You for Your generosity to share it with us and everybody else under the GPL. We see in Inkscape the same potential for our digital society like Photography when shared by France with all Peoples.

Inkscape is worth much more than only $ 10,99 at ebay or $ 5,99 via Bonanza. Consumers aka clients never have seen a 100% OFF price reduction, so the confusion is natural. What ever you pay to get Inkscape, it’s NOT used for the software development. If you enjoy Inkscape and want to support the progress & developers of Inkscape you need to donate whatever you can. It in your interest and with Free Software YOU have this option of Freedom. Free Software makes you Free not to deal with the commercial limitations of EULA, TOS, DRM Digital Restriction Management, Copyright Protection, Serial Numbers, Hacks, Dongles, Patches, and the rest of the BS. Now you know, so take the opportunity and get Your copy in this Big Software Sale!

Free Download

Get your Inkscape installer right here as disk image (dmg), appimage, exe, ppt, or whatever version you need. Unlike Adobe Illustrator, there is no Free Test Version — only a Free Full Version

Software recommendations
Since we do work in multiple creative areas, we need to know about the best tools work with a few custom techniques, and advanced workflows. Thanks to dedicated, talented, and empathic Software Developers like mentioned above, who shared their time and tools with us — thanks to Super Heros like them and Richard Stallman You can download and use all the amazing Applications Free of Charge.

Creative Toolbox Bundles

We dedicated an entire category onto this topic, and provide Download Links to Source-Code, Installer and AppImages for the creative users. Art Directors and Designers can pick more than twenty free and powerful Apps from the OS Creative Suite to their own toolbox, and we listed more than fifty tools for advanced Animations, Video, 3D productions. The first FOSS trilogy was accomplished with our report about studio DAW tools for professional Music and Audio productions and the next potential top-ten hits. Computer Operating Systems is another topic where we dropped tons of links for your desktop environments and mobile devices.

Inkscape Screenshots

  • Glossy Lipstick – POP Art – Vector Design – Beauty Queen – DIY graphics – Screenshot Inkscape – SVG Illustration by gfkDSGN
  • Vector X-ray – Andy Warhol – Portrait – Inkscape Screenshot – Pop-Art – Illustration by gfkDSGN
  • Cannabis Car – Hemp Highway – Henry Ford – Flower Power – Vector Pop Art Design – Ford Motors – Car Propaganda – Inkscape Illustration Illustration by gfkDSGN
  • Vector Illustration – Corona Outline – Details– X-ray Screenshot – SVG Illustration by gfkDSGN
  • Mercedes Benz - Type C – Vector Details – Classic Cars – Inkscape Screenshot – npr SVG Illustration by gfkDSGN
  • Blade Runner – Vector Illustration – Science Fiction – Movie Poster Design – Inkscape SVG Screenshot – Illu by gfkDSGN
  • Andy Warhol – Vector Pop Art – Digital Artist Portrait – Commodore Amiga – Inkscape Design – X-Ray Screenshot – SVG Illustration by gfkDSGN
  • Andy Warhol – Mao Zedong – Pop Artwork – Inkscape Screenshot – Propaganda MEME – Vector Illustration by gfkDSGN – X-Ray Screenshot – Free Open-Source Software – Illustrator Alternative
  • Vector Graphics – Beatles Edelmann Tribute – SVG Inkscape – Pop Art – WIP Screenshot – Illustration by gfkDSGN
  • American Gothic – Vector Workfile – Inkscape Screenshot – Grant Wood Replica – Fine Art Illustration by gfkDSGN
  • Joker Movie – Vector Pop Art – Inkscape SVG Propaganda – Poster Illustrator – X-Ray mode – Detail Screenshot – Illustration by gfkDSGN
  • Pop-Art – Beef Tin – Cow SVG Detail Screenshot – Inkscape X-ray – Vector Illustration by gfkDSGN
  • Edward Bernays – War Propaganda Eddy – Pop Art Portrait – Inkscape Version 1 – Corporation PR – Vector Illustration by gfkDSGN
  • Corona Vector – Pandemic Map – Keep Calm – Inkscape Screenshot – Pop Art Illustration by gfkDSGN
  • Cloud Computing – IBM system/360 MainFrame Architecture – 1984 – HAL – 2001 – SVG Illustration by gfkDSGN
  • Richard Stallman – SVG Portrait – Free Software – Inkscape V1– RMS Pop Art Portrait – GNU/Linux OS – FOSS – Vector Illustration by gfkDSGN
  • Propaganda Vector Illustration – Pop Art Portrait – Inkscape X-ray – Eye Details – Illu by gfkDSGN
  • FBI Most Wanted – Homer Simpson arrested – Inkscape Screenshot – Vector Comic Illustration by gfkDSGN
  • Monty Python – Vector Surrealism – The Foot of Copid – digital POP Art – Inkscape Illustration by gfkDSGN
  • Fine Pop-Art – Vector Illustration – Gallery CGI – Inkscape Colorwheel – Split-View Screenshot – SVG Artist Vernissage – Light Systems – Fine Art – Vector Vernissage – Art Expo – Framework Illu by gfkDSGN
  • Jeff Epstein – NYC Prison – Suicided Child Trafficking Network – Mugshot POP Art – Vector Portrait – X-ray view – Illustration by gfkDSGN
  • How To – Bee Maya – Illustrator Alternative – Vector POP Art – X-ray Inkscape – Manga Illustration by gfkDSGN
  • Metropolis – Science Fiction Cinema Movie – Fritz Lang – UFA 1927 – Inkscape 1.0 Screenshot – Vector Portrait – digital reconstructivism & reconstruction– POP Art Poster Illustration by gfkDSGN
  • Man with a Movie Camera – POP Art – Cinema Film – Vector – Inkscape – Illustration by gfkDSGN
  • Vector Pop Art – Henry Kissinger Portrait – Inkscape X-ray Screenshot – SVG Bezier Illustration by gfkDSGN
  • Medea Benjamin – POP Art Vector Portrait – Code Pink – Inkscape Screenshot – Peace Activist – Illustration by gfkDSGN
  • US Police – Bearcat Cars – CGI Visuals – Anti-Riot Vehicles – Pop-Art – Protest – Illustration by gfkDSGN
  • BLM Protests – Police of Terror United States of America – US Empire Lynchmobs – Eugenic Society – US-Regime – Capitalism – Oil & Coke – POP-Art Vector Illustration by gfkDSGN
  • Sven Vaeth – POP Art Portrait – Spotcolor Detail Screenshot – House Hulk – Vector Illustration by gfkDSGN
  • Lick It – Vector POP Art – Sticker Design – Big Mouth – Inkscape Screenshot – X-ray mode – Sexy Lips – SVG Illustration by gfkDSGN

How To Do It Yourself

Well, that’s what we started kind of a digital classroom for. We support Open-Source, Open Science, Open Knowledge, … and Open Minds — with our Artworks, know-how, and tools like above. In our little newsblog we care about several topics and spice them up a little with funny videos, info graphics, and loads of context. We write about the magic ingredients of products like Coca Cola, Deep Fakes, clusters & clouds, NAS, VPN, SBC… — and How To build Your own. Watch out for updates in our Tutorial category and subscribe our newsletter, since we are working on a few speed drawings, screen recordings and video animations.

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